Plano Substation, Part II: The Restoration

After the Texas Electric Railway ceased passenger operations on December 31, 1948, officials began removing tracks and selling off the right-of-ways. The interurban station in Plano, once an integral facet of the city throughout the early to mid-1900s, through World Wars and Depressions, no longer served as a transportation hub to Dallas or Denison for its citizens. Instead, the building, once buzzing with life and activity, was passed on from owner to owner, sometimes sitting entirely empty and other times being repurposed for small business ventures. 73 years after its abandonment by the Texas Electric Railway, the City of Plano restored the building, giving it a new life as another form of community center—a museum.

5 Scary Archival Discoveries

As Halloween aproaches and everyone's thoughts turn to ghosts, goblins, and ghouls, we at the Interurban Railway Museum look at it in a different way. We don't have any creepy haunted dolls or ancient cursed tomes, but we have come across some pretty frightening artifacts. Keep reading to see five spooky discoveries that sent chills down our archivists' spines!

Plano Substation, Part I: The History

Undoubtedly, one of the most important moments in Plano history was the arrival of the interurban. Thanks to the efforts of the City of Plano's Department of Parks and Recreation and some dedicated citizens, Plano's Interurban Railway depot (1908-1948) still stands today with Texas Electric Railway Passenger Motor 360 at its side. Now known as the Interurban Railway Museum, it is listed on the National Register for Historic Places and is the only depot remaining on the former Dallas-Denison line. Located at 901 East 15th Street, the historic building serves as a reminder of Plano's early transportation history and of a time long past.

What North Texas Giving Day Means To Us

It's that time of year again, where every non-profit organization you've ever visited in North Texas asks for your support. But this year is so very different. We've participated in this annual fundraiser for a few years now, asking for your help in funding our attempts to expand and improve our School Tour Program and … Continue reading What North Texas Giving Day Means To Us